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Personnel policy

Setting a mission to meet all needs of our client and create the mutual relations in the spirit of partnership, the management of the Belgruzavtotrans TEP LLC is sure that carrying out the task depends on well-organized work of all employees of the company.
The team of employees is highly-qualified and competent, we are able to solve arising problems in a quick and professional way, and provide mutual support in difficult situations occurring during the process of work.   
Efforts of the managers of the company and its personnel department cover the whole range of works with staff: development, estimation, control. Acquiring of new knowledge facilitates the rise of its business activity. Exceptional competence and professionalism of our employees represents a special asset of our company.
The company pays attention to the selection of driver's staff. What matters here is experience, competence and ability to find a right way out in difficult situations. In order to fulfill the assigned task, a driver has to be disciplined and professional.   
Commitment of all our team to and its persistence in fulfillment of set tasks leads to our mutual success. Professionamisl is our main advantage.
Presence of highly skilled specialists and professional drivers in the staff help us  to find the best and more favourable transport-logistic solution in accordance with local and international rules and regulations of safety, labor and environment protection.