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Transportation of dangerous goods

Producers of chemical industry of Europe and CIS countries, European Chemical Industry Council CEFIC demands much of transportation of dangerous chemical products.
Transportation of dangerous goods is one of the main directions of  Belgruzavtotrans TAP LLC activity. Modern vehicle fleet, equipped for transportation of dangerous goods ADR, skilled forwarders and drivers, 20 years of experience and good reputation allows us to give a good account of ourselves.
The  company carries out transportation of goods of 2,3,4,5,6,8,9 class of danger, including dangerous goods, which need special temperature conditions from Western and Eastern Europe to Belarus,Russia,Western and Eastern Europe to Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and back   We  guarantee safety and security of the goods the specialists track the position of the vehicle along the travel line. A client can obtain current information about location of the goods  at anytime.
Quality and safety of dangerous goods transportation services, performed by Belgruzavtotrans TEP LLC, are regularly checked by independent European assessor for compliance with the requirements of chemical enterprises of Europe CEFIC-SQAS. Our company obtained this certificate first among the analogue transport companies of the Republic of Belarus and CIS countries.